In Quebec, we manufacture the highest quality automotive Gaskets...
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In Quebec, we manufacture the highest quality automotive Gaskets, we have a wide range of products that cover the market requirements from a complete Gasket set, for a major repair of an engine, up to single spare parts for engine maintenance. We have the most complete line for Mexican and imported applications.

Our production department works with flexible manufacturing systems, based on the continuous improvement system, with which we assure a product with the highest quality standards.

We use the best materials in our products:

  • High density fibers, free of asbestos and hazardous substances.
  • Tin or chrome coated steel sheet, in higher thickness than OEM, to compensate engine rectification gap.
  • Silicone rubber for better compression set performance and chemical attack resistance.
  • High density cork-rubber for better elasticity than conventional cork.

All this combined gives us the confidence to certify that Quebec is the best Gasket for sealing solutions.

Aros de escape
Exhaust Pipe
Juntas de Cabeza
Cylinder Head
Juntas múltiples de Escape
Exhaust Manifold
Juntas múltiples de Admisión
Intake Manifold
Juntas de Carter y Punterías
Oil Pand and Valve Cover
Oil Seals
Sellos de válvulas
Valve Steam
Sellos de válvulas
Gaskets Set